From Our Farm To Your Kitchen

Texas Trinity 6 oz. plastic dispenser – price is per each




Our version of the famous Louisiana Holy Trinity.

This is a seasoning powder that you can add to a wide variety of dishes. It adds both a fragrant aroma and a profound depth of background flavors, it’s made from onion, green bell pepper and celery. This mix of vegetables is known as “Holy trinity” and was made famous in Louisiana; it is said to have been named for the father, the son and the holy spirit representing each vegetable. If garlic is added, it is said to have the “Pope” in it.

Our version is named “Texas Trinity” and is named for Travis, Houston and Bowie representing each vegetable and if garlic is added it will have “Austin“ in it. Lol, can’t get more Texan than that. This seasoning uses our home-grown bell pepper, onion and celery which we dehydrate, powder and mix together, remember, these vegetables were harvested this year, therefore the flavors are stronger than something you would normally buy, you will need to reduce the amounts used in recipes accordingly.