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Freeze Dried Super Farmer Puffs (EXTREMELY FRAGILE)


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If you love the flavor of Jolly Ranchers and are looking for a sweet treat that will tantalize your taste buds, look no further than our Freeze-Dried Super Farmer Puffs. The freeze-drying process of Jolly Ranchers has turned the original candy into a light crunch texture that will dissolve in your mouth. An intense burst of Jolly Rancher flavor makes these a delicious and unique anytime treat!


Contains Soy and food dyes. Processed in a facility that handles peanuts & tree nuts.

Texas Farmers Kitchen produces and packages all products with care in a family-owned licensed manufacturing kitchen using state of the art freeze dryers. This item is EXTREMELY FRAGILE and can be crushed during shipping if not handled correctly by the shipping carrier. Due to the frailty of this product, it will not be available for shipping. This item is only available at our special events and our participating retailers, who receive their product via our company route delivery.

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Products come in a heat-sealed packed fresh USA Mylar resealable bag or a tamper resistant sealed cup. The Freeze Dryer removes all the moisture making the product shelf stable for months or even years when stored properly. Please note that this product is fragile. For maximum freshness, keep sealed and avoid exposure to heat, moisture, and humidity.


Jolly Ranchers™ is a registered trademark licensed by The Hershey Company. Texas Farmers Kitchen is not associated with The Hershey Company in any way. Our freeze-dried candies are made with the highest quality ingredients and have been carefully crafted to deliver a unique taste experience. We hope you enjoy our product and thank you for choosing Texas Farmers Kitchen.

$10.00 – 24 oz. cup, due to the fragility of this product it is only available for pickup or delivery, shipping is not available.