From Our Farm To Your Kitchen


Welcome to Texas Farmers Kitchen, LLC. please take the time to review our website and other social media, we hope you will check out all our products and try some of the seasoned vegetables, candies or other freeze dried products we have available. All freeze drying is done in house. Other than the candy we try to use ingredients we grow ourselves on our Texas Legend Farm or that we can locally source from other farmers in our area

We bought our property in 2011 and continued to work in our profession traveling the US. In 2014 we started trying to work more from home and began remodeling our house and started doing some small-scale gardening which quickly grew to small-scale farming, and by 2020 we were producing way more than we would use and started selling produce.

While Brian continues to work at his profession and help on the farm. Monica began working the small farm and getting into freeze drying, dehydrating and canning, when Brian would get off, he would do whatever farm work he could before the sun went down and help Monica process vegetables. Monica also began developing recipes for the preservation processes and began freeze-drying candies.

Brian and Monica have now bought many additional freeze driers and have constructed a  commercial kitchen on the farm which has a room specifically for Monica’s freeze dryers and a separate kitchen area where Monica can do any cooking and prepare custom recipes as needed, we also obtained a food manufacturing license.

 Monica entered several of her own recipes into the Texas State Fair and won 2 blue ribbons as well as many second and third place titles. 

Aside from the regular vegetables, Brian and Monica specialize in growing Texas Rose garlic and Texas Legend onions, they have developed a seasoning utilizing the Texas Rose Garlic and the Texas Legend onion and adding pink Himalayan salt, for a very flavorful Garlic salt, they have also developed a seasoning they call Texas Trinity using the Bell Peppers, onions and celery they grow, which is then freeze dried and powdered, they plan on developing additional seasonings as the opportunity arises.

They will be selling  dehydrated and freeze dried fruits and vegetables, seasonings and the Loofas that they grow.

Please review the calendar which will show the upcoming events and remember, free samples of our products will be offered at all events.

We would like to thank all of our old and new customers for giving us the opportunity to provide them with some of their needs and desires.